by: Sylvain D
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analytics for your
apps and games was a free service (ad-based) allowing app developers or firms to follow how well (or badly) their applications ranked on the app
stores, in 31 countries and all app store categories.
It was collecting unlimited app-rankings history on the app stores from Apple and Microsoft (Google was also planned).
It introduced 2 brand-new features:
          The ability to compare rankings with apps from competitors (thus helping decision makers in their choices concerning advertizing).
          The ability to compare ranking evolutions for a same app across different app stores.
Sadly, failed to meet its public (most probably because of a lack of funds for advertizing the service).
It is now officially dead, unless someone decides to resurrect it. ;)
Let's forever remember (screenshot):
This page was written in xaml
Check it out!
What can do for you?
          Follow your applications rankings in 31 countries.
          Compare performances with your competitors.
          Detect which country requires more
               communication or advertising.
          100% free service, no need to register or
               transmit your developer's credentials.
Why are app rankings so important?
App ranking is directly linked to downloads and sales.
Of course some users may have seen an ad for your app...
Of course some users may have searched for specific keywords...
But most of them will find your app only because of its rank!
If your application is well ranked in the category 'photography' (for example),
users curious about photo apps will see it almost immediately (first page effect).
They will be likely to install your app, its ranking will further improve, and so on...
That's the increasing ranking blessing!
On the opposite, if your app is poorly ranked, nearly nobody will chance upon it...
That will lead to less downloads, ranking decreasing even further, even less downloads, and so on... :\
That's the decreasing ranking disease... Time to do some advertizing, before it is too late!
That's what is about...
Detecting in which country your app is suffering from a decreasing ranking,
and healing it with advertizing or some communication efforts. :)